Weebly Release Notes: New Features And Apps From April

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Learn what's new in the latest release of Lightroom desktop and Lightroom for mobile.


  • The December 2020 release of Lightroom desktop (version 4.1) and Lightroom for mobile (version 6.1) provides support for new cameras, lenses, and bug fixes. For a full list of supported cameras, lenses, and bug fixes, see:
  • Lightroom 4.1 is natively compatible with Apple devices with M1 processors and Windows machines with ARM processors.
  • On iOS 14.0 and later, you can use Widgets to access the latest Discover edits to find inspiring edits and Learn tutorials to help grow your photography skills. You can also quickly and easily access the Lightroom camera with a Widget.

Top new features

October 2020 release: Desktop version 4.0, iOS version 6.0, Android version 6.0

Achieve the perfect mood to fit your creative visions with powerful color controls for shadows, midtones, and highlights or adjust the overall color of your image.

You can now add your brand's logo or unique signature as a graphical watermark when you export an image from Lightroom desktop and mobile. Watermark settings will seamlessly sync across Lightroom desktop and mobile platforms.

Explore a personalized Lightroom feed and follow inspirational photographers

Get inspired! In the Learn and Discover sections on mobile and web, the For you tab displays tutorials and Discover edits based on the posts you like, recent editing activity, and people you choose to follow in the Lightroom community.

Lightroom automatically helps you pick your best photos

Choose Best Photos allows you to quickly pick the best photos from hundreds of photos within a selected album. Lightroom suggests your best photos based on picture quality and the people within them. You can customize the results using the Quality Threshold slider. Easily share, flag, or rate your selected photos.

Support for new cameras and lenses

Find newly added cameras and lenses in the full list of supported profiles.

Get more precise control using the all new zoom motions to view finer details more quickly. Non-destructive Versions are created automatically for you as you edit. Experience easier navigation on Lightroom desktop with a reorganized Photos panel.

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Google is committed to advancing racial equity for Black communities. See how.

This page lists the major changes in each release of Google Apps Script. It isintended to help developers identify recent changes in behavior. For olderchanges, see the release notes for2019,2018,2017,2016,2015,2014,2013,2012,2011, or2010.

December 2020

December 7, 2020

The Apps Script integrated development environment, or IDE, has been fullyredesigned. Along with a completely new interface, the following features havebeen updated:

  • The editor now has a collapsible left sidebar to navigate to the Apps Scriptproject overview, settings, executions, and triggers.
  • The editor’s resources panel now includes files, advanced services, andlibraries.
  • Autoformatting has been added to the editor.
  • Autocomplete in the editor has been enhanced to be faster, more consistent,and extends its support to user-defined functions and JavaScript languagefeatures. You can add JSDoc to your functions for better autocompletesuggestions.
  • The editor now supports codeblock and function collapsing.
  • Keyboard shortcuts and a Command Palette has been added to the editor. PressF4 to view the Command Palette and available keyboard shortcuts.
  • The editor now includes a contextual right-click menu with options such as GoTo Symbol, Rename Symbols, and Command Palette.
  • Enhancements have been made to the debugger’s performance and speed.
  • Logs now stream in real-time as you run a script.
  • The deployments dialog auto-detects the deployment types from the scriptproject’s manifest. You can change or add more types as needed.
  • Deployments have been merged with versions. Each time you create a newdeployment, a new version is automatically created. clasp users areunaffected by this change.
  • A single deployment can be an add-on deployment , web app, library, or APIexecutable. Any deployment can be used as a library.
  • Now only one deployment can be active at a time. This change doesn’t affectexisting active deployments. clasp users are unaffected by this change.
  • You can no longer explicitly deactivate published web apps. Instead, deletethe deployment that has the web app. To reactivate the web app, deploy itagain.
  • The debugger is no longer supported in the Rhino runtime. To use the debugger,migrate your script to the V8 runtime.
  • Testing Editor Add-ons is not yet supported in this release and will be addedin 2021. To test Editor Add-ons, switch back to the legacy IDE.

To switch back to the legacy IDE from within the editor, at the top, clickUse legacy editor.

October 2020

October 23, 2020


An advanced service for Google Tables has been added to Apps Script. The Tables serviceallows scripts to programmatically read and edit rows within Tables.

September 2020

September 3, 2020

New classes and methods have been added to support ConnectedSheets.

The following new classes have been added to the Spreadsheet service:

New methods to support Connected Sheets have been added to the followingclasses in the Spreadsheet service:

August 2020

August 27, 2020

Weebly Release Notes: New Features And Apps From April Fools

A new class called DecoratedTexthas been added to the Card Service. DecoratedText adds textwith optional decorations and was added to replace the KeyValueclass.

July 2020

July 27, 2020

To help simplify Google Drive’s folder structure and sharingmodels, new methods have been added to the Drive serviceand some existing methods have been deprecated.

The DriveApp now has anenforceSingleParent(value)method that enables or disables enforceSingleParent behavior.

The File class now has the followingmethods:

  • file.getTargetId(): Getsa shortcut's file ID.
  • file.getTargetMimeType():Returns the mime type of the item a shortcut points to.
  • file.moveTo(destination):Moves a file to a specified destination folder.

The Folder class now has the followingmethods:

  • folder.createShortcut(targetId):Creates a shortcut to the provided Drive item ID, and returns it.
  • folder.moveTo(destination):Moves an item to the provided destination folder.

The following Folder class methods havebeen deprecated:

  • addFile(File)
  • addFolder(Folder)
  • removeFile(File)
  • removeFolder(Folder)

June 2020

June 12, 2020

New methods have been added to the Spreadsheet service.

  • The RichTextValue class now has a RichTextValue.getLinkUrl() method that gets the URL of the specified value.
  • The RichTextValueBuilder class now has a RichTextValueBuilder.setLinkUrl() method that sets the link URL for the specified value.
  • The PivotTable class now has a PivotTable.getSourceDataRange() method that returns the source data range on which the pivot table is constructed.
  • The PivotValue class now has a PivotValue.remove() method that removes the value from the pivot table.

April 2020

April 22, 2020

Weebly Release Notes: New Features And Apps From April

A new simple trigger, onSelectionChange(e),has been added for Google Sheets. The onSelectionChange(e) trigger runsautomatically when a user changes the selection in a spreadsheet.

April 2, 2020

The following has been added to theSpreadsheet service

  • A new Drawing class has been addedto support drawings.
  • You can now get your drawings with the Sheet.getDrawings() method.

The following has been added to theDrive service

  • There's a newFILE_ORGANIZER value in the Permission enum.If you have FILE_ORGANIZER permission on a shared drive, you can edit, trash,and move content within that drive.

February 2020

Weebly Release Notes: New Features And Apps From April 2019

February 28, 2020

The following methods have been added to theSpreadsheet serviceto support the use of theme colors. Many of these methods duplicate theeffect of existing color methods, but let you useColor objects instead of stringsas parameters and return types:

  • The Banding class now has16 new methods that manipulate color in the banding columns and rows usingColor objects.
  • The BooleanConditionclass now has two new methods that retrieve the color of the condition'sbackground and font as Colorobjects.
  • The ConditionalFormatRuleBuilderclass now has seven new methods that set color-based format rules usingColor objects.
  • The GradientConditionclass now has three new methods that retrieve condition colors asColor objects.
  • The Range class now has eightnew methods that get and set font and background colors usingColor objects.
  • The Sheet class now has twonew methods that get and set tab colors usingColor objects.
  • The Slicer class now has twonew methods that get and set the background color of the slicer usingColor objects.
  • The TextStyleBuilderclass now has aTextStyleBuilder.setForegroundColorObject(color)method that updates the foreground color of the style builder using aColor object.
  • The TextStyle class now hasaTextStyle.getForegroundColorObject()method that gets the foreground color of the style as aColor object.

February 5, 2020

Weebly release notes: new features and apps from april 10

Apps Script now supports the V8 runtime.This enables modern JavaScript features and syntax in Apps Script. You canmigrate existing scripts touse V8 and its features.

Weebly Release Notes: New Features And Apps From April 10

January 2020

Weebly Release Notes: New Features And Apps From April 13

January 21, 2020

To support the launch ofG Suite Add-ons,the following manifest changes, service, classes, and methods have been addedto Apps Script:

  • The Apps Script manifest structurehas been updated to provide configuration controls forG Suite Add-ons.All add-on manifest settings are specified in theAddOnsobject in the manifest.

    Manifest fields that previously supportedGmail add-ons still exist,but are now deprecated. SeeUpgrading your published add-ons forinstructions on how to upgrade a Gmail add-on into a G Suite add-on.

  • The Card servicehas been extended with the following classes and methods that provide newwidgets and event responses:

  • The Conference Data service hasbeen added to Apps Script. The service helpsG Suite Add-ons thatextend Google Calendar to stay in sync with third-party conferencingapplications. This service is only useful to developers whomanage a conferencing application and want to make it available inGoogle Calendar.