To Move Your Small Business Forward, Take A Step Back

Posted By admin On 29/12/21

Have you ever heard the expression, “two steps forward and one step back is still one step forward”? Setbacks are frustrating, difficult, and can even be paralyzing if not viewed in the correct way. Today, let’s look at 3 different ways that taking a step back can actually help us move forward.

  1. Your plan for each area of focus should be specific to the way you plan to operate your business going forward. Here is a format you can follow and questions you can ask yourself to get started. Finances: Here you can detail what financial assets you have today, their liquidity, and the total amount you have in the bank to restart your business.
  2. Costs associated with the moving of your business are tax deductible. This includes costs to move equipment, computers, supplies, inventory, and miscellaneous. Your personal move expenses may be deductible if they are directly related to the moving of the business location, and if they meet the IRS time and distance tests.
  3. Apr 02, 2015 When your best efforts don’t seem enough to move your business to your ultimate goals, you need to step back. That step may be small or it may be moving back a mile. If that sounds discouraging, Steve Jobs may have said it best: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”.
ForwardTo Move Your Small Business Forward, Take A Step Back

1. Stepping back encourages REFLECTION.

When we choose to or are forced to take a step back, we automatically have a choice to reflect on what just occurred. In my day job, I spend a lot of time using formulas and macros in Microsoft Excel to format files in a way that they can be uploaded into a financial system correctly. Whenever I just cannot seem to get the file to look right and “balance”, I am forced to take a step back and evaluate my process. During these “look-back” periods I often find a simple step that I missed and am then able to move forward and complete the task.

In life, there will be times when we just seem to get stuck or cannot figure out how to “get it right.” Take a deep breath, stop, and reflect on your process. What is preventing you from moving forward? Is it something you can control? If so, then determine what you need to do to get moving again, and do it!


Apr 03, 2019 Now is the time to start to measure your business and use metrics to take your business to the next level. — Kayla Rossiter, Business Development Specialist, South Central Minnesota SBDC 5. We take the time to learn about your business and industry so that we can react to changes in the marketplace and anticipate your business's evolving banking needs. Your Relationship Team can also connect you with other specialists at TD to help move your business forward.

2. Stepping back brings CLARITY.

Imagine you are hiking on a clear blue day when a thick fog rolls in and drastically reduces visibility. Well, if you just blindly keep going you may very well hike right off a cliff! The situation calls for a mandatory stepping back and sometimes even stopping until the fog clears. If you must continue forward, you can get out your safety equipment and maybe even a light that cuts through the fog to do so.

Have you experienced life’s fogs? They could be financial debt, a family crisis, a natural disaster, an unfavorable situation at work, etc. What should you do when these happen? Step back and let it pass if you can, but if you cannot get out your equipment and move forward anyway. This could mean creating a financial budget so you know where your money is going or spending time with your family and sharing your honest and open feelings.

3. Stepping back brings REFRESHMENT.

Have you ever been in the middle of a workout and felt that you could continue no longer? What did you do? Most of the time we stop and just say, “Well, I guess that’s all I’ve got in me today.” What if all you needed was a small break, a glass of water, a snack, and a few stretches? Personally, doing that exact thing has allowed me to continue physically when I probably would have normally quit going.

Are you missing refreshment in your life because you are just pushing so hard forward that you are forgetting to check your gas tank and see if you are running on empty? Take a step back and refresh yourself! My dad always says that if you want to have a life that is overflowing and positively impacting others, you yourself have to be full and refreshed.

Take some time this week to step back and reflect, clarify, and most importantly refresh your life. What if that propels you forward farther than you even planned to go?

Stay encouraged, my friends!

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We open on an aerial shot of the Van Dieten Dairy Farm, then move to a scene of cows grazing outside. While showing scenes of the working dairy farm, we hear Derek Van Dieten, owner and operator of Van Dieten Dairy Farms talking about his TD Relationship Manager. As they both walk through the dairy farm Derek talks about how his Relationship Manager used to be a dairy farmer and has a deep understanding of the industry. We follow Derek as he works with the cows and interacts with employees. He goes on to talk about his desire to stick to dairy farming, instead of worrying about financials because TD is there to help. We see more scenes of Derek feeding cows and playing with his children. He then talks about his trust in TD and his Relationship Managers, which allow him to focus on doing what he loves and watching his children grow up. We end on a scene of Derek and his family walking hand in hand toward the farm in Seaforth.

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