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With Spinz IO you get to use spinners as your playing pieces in this addictive online multiplayer game, based on Agario. Move around the screen, collecting orbs to grow stronger. But make sure to stay away from faster-spinning players as they will kick you out of the game. Spinz.io is a fidget spinner game. Customize your fidget spinner and join the battle. Collect dots to increase your RPM and dominate the arena. Avoid faster-spinning players. They may kick you out with just a collision. Hit slower spinners to collect additional points. Players can use the invitation link to ask your friends to join your room.

Play now Spinz.io online on Kiz10.com. Have fun playing Spinz.io One of the best Puzzle Game on Kiz10.com. Spinz.io is a fidget spinner.io game! Enter the arena and battle other players with your fidget spinner. You can choose its color and enter into exciting fights! Collect scattered dots to increase your RPM. Spinz.io is a game in which you control a spinner. Spin the spinner, collect balls, become the best in this game! The spinner's torsion speed depends on the number of balls collected: the more balls you collect, the faster the spinner turns.

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Spinz.io game for free makes you a crazy fidget spinner trying to dominate the arena. Among io games unblocked, you can play Spinz.io royale online to battle against other players around the world. Customize the appearance of your spinner first then jump into the arena to battle it out. To make your spinner go faster, you must gather many dots dispersed on the ground. This will help grow your RPM. The higher the RPM is, the better it is. When you confront other spinners, collide your spinner with theirs to make both of the dots scatter, after that, you can take all of them. However, if you encounter the spinners that are way faster than you, be careful because they can defeat you with just one collision. Don’t forget to step into a whirlpool so you can get a crazy speed. Your main aim is to rise above all players to reach the top of the leaderboard. Join Spinz.io unblocked at school!