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Are you ready for an adrenaline pumping car chase game? Then play Slam Drift 2, the new sequel to the cool fast-paced racing game. Drive your getaway car with high speed to escape the police. Drift around the streets, avoid chrashes and collect useful stuff. Survive each stage to earn much points and new weapons. In Slam Drift you escaped out of prison and took an ambulance to get away. Drive your vehicle as fast as you can, because the police want to catch you. You get points and new weapons for drifting, but beware of accidents.

Slam Driftbuddhist Games Game


Slam Driftbuddhist GamesDrive your car like a reckless fool while being chased by cops! Drifting is the name of the game in Slam Drift! Your main objective is to take out as many cop cars that tail you by using weapons or your awesome driving skills! Try to get them to swerve into walls or run over your landmines! See how high of a combo you can get! Good luck and put the petal to the metal!


Arrow keys drive
Slam driftbuddhist games onSlam Space bar uses weapons
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