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Posted By admin On 28/12/21
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Quarkxpress For El CapitanQuarkxpress for el capitan dmg

QuarkXPress 8 and 9 run on El Capitan with minor flaws. QuarkXPress 10 unfortunately crashes on El Capitan though running perfectly on Yosemite. And QuarkXPress 2015 runs perfectly on El Capitan. However Quark solely supports using QuarkXPress 2015 on El Capitan, which means there is no technical support for previous versions on El Capitan.

Quark just released the El Capitan Update for QuarkXPress 2015.

Just run Auto Updater inside QuarkXPress or use the following link to download the El Capitan Update for QuarkXPress 2015:

I have recently upgraded to QuarkXpress 2015 (after having to acquire a new iMAC OSX (El Capitan) and I cannot find how to create new web pages in QX 2015. Is there a source for instructions on how to do this? Download Quarkxpress Document Converter 1.0 - real advice. QuarkXPress Document Converter and 1 more program. Mac OS X® 10.11.6 (El Capitan), macOS® 10.12.6 (Sierra), macOS® 10.13.x6 (High Sierra) and macOS® 10.14.x (Mojave). Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1 (64 Bit), Windows® 8.1 with April 2014 update rollup update (KB2919355) and March 2014 servicing stack update (KB2919442) (64 Bit) or Windows® 10 Version 1709 (64 Bit) or later.

And Quark is getting quicker when it comes to adding support for new versions of OS X:

  • When Apple released Mountain Lion, it Quark 19 days to release an officially supported version of QuarkXPress (which was QuarkXPress 9.3.1)
  • When Apple released Mavericks, it took Quark 17 days to release an officially supported version of QuarkXPress (which were QuarkXPress 9.5.4 and 10.0.1)
  • When Apple released Yosemite, it took Quark 20 days to release an officially supported version of QuarkXPress (which was QuarkXPress 10.5)
  • Now, with El Capitan, it took Quark just 9 days to release an officially supported version of QuarkXPress (which is QuarkXPress 2015)

Still, when upgrading your OS X to El Capitan please remember to create yourself a backdoor beforehand:

Quarkxpress 9 El Capitan

Quarkxpress for el capitan dmg

Users of QuarkXPress 10, 9, 8 and earlier:
Quark will not support any version prior to QuarkXPress 2015 on El Capitan.
Though not supported QuarkXPress 8 and 9 seem to “work” ok on El Capitan (with some flaws). QuarkXPress 10 crashes badly on El Capitan. The engineering team will look into the crash issues of QuarkXPress 10 on El Capitan to determine whether anything can be done about it, however we might not be able to, so this is not a promise. I will probably be able to comment on this in maybe 5-6 weeks from now.


Quarkxpress For El Capitan Alex Honnold

Both an engineer and a layout artist, Matthias bridges the gap between technology and people. Before joining Quark in 1997, Matthias pioneered print, Web, and multimedia products for multiple German publishing companies. He is an active participant in design and publishing communities and represented Quark in the Ghent PDF Workgroup.

Quarkxpress 10 El Capitan

From 1997 until 2019 Matthias played a central role in shaping Quark’s desktop, mobile and enterprise software. From February 2014 until January 2019 he headed Quark’s Desktop Publishing business unit; and was therefore responsible for QuarkXPress.

Quarkxpress For El Capitan Installer

Matthias does not work for Quark anymore. If you want to connect with him, please visit his LinkedIn profile on https://www.linkedin.com/in/mguenther/