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Playing with portals is dangerous business, randomly opening portals and jumping in, can get yourself ended up in some pretty nasty places.

Unfortunately, you do not have a choice but to do just that when you find yourself stuck inside a facility with only a portal gun at your disposal. Escaping the site is going to be dangerous but there is no other way.

Portal Flashclout Games



Create portals, so you can reach the exit.
You can create two portals. Stepping into one will teleport you to the other.


Portal Flashclout Games Game

Use the mouse to aim your portal gun, left click to shoot.
Press AWD to move around.
Press Q to launch a blue portal, E to launch a yellow portal.
R closes both portals.
Sometimes there are objects that you can pick up, press F to do this.

Portal: The Flash Version is an online puzzle game developed by WeCreateStuff, and has been played 344835 times on Bubblebox.com.
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