Ninth Month Of Pregnancybuddhist Games

Posted By admin On 29/12/21
Two fun games to play with your baby this week.
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Inside the box

Now that he's moving about more, your baby's ready to start learning about the spaces around him. A large cardboard box can introduce him to 'inside' and 'outside', and it also provides the perfect secret hideout!
Skills developed:

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gross motor, awareness of spatial relations
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  2. By the end of month nine, your baby is the size of, well, a baby and it’s gotten quite crowded in your womb. Because they don’t have much space to move around, you won’t feel your baby kicking and performing gymnastics tricks quite as much as you did earlier in your pregnancy.
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Ninth month of pregnancybuddhist games to play
What you'll need: a sturdy cardboard box big enough for your baby to crawl in and out of
Lay a large cardboard box on its side, and put a soft blanket and some of your baby's favourite toys and books inside. Let him crawl inside and enjoy spending time in his own little space. You could also cut out some windows to create a 'playhouse', where your baby can play peekaboo with you and get his first delicious taste of 'no parents allowed'.

Ninth Month Of Pregnancybuddhist Games To Play

Safety note: never leave your baby unattended in the box, as it could tip over.

Where did it go?

NinthYour baby still delights in the surprise of finding something hidden. Now she's getting better at handling objects, she'll enjoy all sorts of new hunting and finding games.

Ninth Month Of Pregnancybuddhist Games Printable

Skills developed:fine motor, sense of object permanence (the concept that out-of-sight objects still exist)
MonthNinth Month Of Pregnancybuddhist GamesWhat you'll need: a sandpit; a few small, colourful objects
At the park, the beach, or in a garden sandpit, show your baby a brightly coloured object such as a rubber ball or plastic dinosaur. The brighter, the better, as it'll make it easier for her to find. Make sure your little one's watching you, then bury the toy under a small mound of sand.
With a perplexed look on your face, say, 'Now where did that ball go?' Then put your baby's hand on the mound of sand and help her brush it away until the object is uncovered. Once she gets the hang of the search, she'll do the digging without help. Gradually, you can move on to hiding the item when she's not watching. Ninth

Ninth Month Of Pregnancybuddhist Games Online

Safety note: babies are notorious for trying to eat sand, so keep a close eye on your little one and don't let her put her hands in her mouth.
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Ninth Month Of Pregnancybuddhist Games Free

Remember: Each baby develops at a different pace, so if yours isn't quite ready for this week's activities, don't worry. Just try them again in a few weeks.

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