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Posted By admin On 29/12/21
Rocket Player 2.1 now has three new free themes to go along with its growing list of free features!

The first change and likely one that will please a lot of desktop auteurs are the 24 new themes that come with the update. These include themes based on Microsoft’s lineage with takes on The Halo. New Learning is a 100 percent responsive, premium Moodle theme targeted to achieve a visually enhanced Moodle LMS. With easy-to-use layouts and theme customization options, New Learning is a clean theme with many good features. Let’s look at both sides of the coin. Here’s our take on the theme. New Learning Moodle Theme Review.

All-New Light Theme. While Windows 10’s Dark Theme may still be one of the most sought-after features of Windows 10, the 1903 update has introduced an all-new light theme that gives Windows a clean look and feel. To activate this theme, click on the Start menu and choose Settings. Now, click on Personalization and select Colors. These features hinge on your theme supporting them, but there are now additional “opt-in” block design controls, including: Custom line heights for heading and paragraph blocks; New padding control for the cover block; New link color control was added to the paragraph, heading, group, columns, and media & text blocks; 20.

The new themes focus on the primary colors already released in the Play Store (Red, Blue, Purple) but with a flat black theme!


Holo Blue
Dark Red
Dark Purple

New themes features listThemes

New Themes Features Free

These themes are already available the Play Store and will be coming to the Amazon Appstore soon.
Holo Blue
Dark Red
Dark Purple


Rocket Player 2.1 also brings us lyrics support for embedded lyrics as well as lock screen options return!

New Themes Features List

Embedded Lyrics
Lock Screen options (Return)

New Themes Features App

We decided to bring back lock screen options based upon the response we received via email and reviews from listeners and supporters from our 2.0 release.
We hope our listeners enjoy these new themes and features in Rocket Music Player.
Keep rocking with Rocket Player!