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Educational Technology has absolutely revolutionized the entire education system. Until recently, the teachers used to be the sole interpreter of knowledge to the learners and the textbooks the sole resource. Educational technology has affected the conventional roles and it has opened up the new areas of teacher functions such as management of resources and management of learning. Today, teachers have a range of media to assist and supplement the instructional work.

Nicole Mace earned a MEd in Educational Technology from Lesley University and a professional graduate certification in instructional design from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She’s spent nearly a decade in education, teaching multiple grade levels in the U.S. And South Korea and working as a lead instructional designer at the college level. Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years: Tools for Teaching and Learning - This thought-provoking guide to effective, appropriate, and intentional use of technology with young children provides strategies, theoretical frameworks, links to research evidence, descriptions of best practice, and resources to develop essential digital.

Teachers can even specify the learning intentions, select the topic, identify the stimulus situation, determine media, manage teaching and finally conduct evaluation and modify the instructions in the light of evaluation results.

Educational process can’t proceed systematically without the help of educational technology. Every aspect of educational system is fully enlightened with educational technology.

1. Educational technology has provided a scientific base to the educational theory and practice. It has transformed a passive classroom to an active and interactive classroom, with audio-visuals, charts and models, smart classrooms and e-learning room which has drastically motivated and increased the attention level of the students.

2. The introduction of educational technology has modernised the teaching-learning climate of the educational institutions. The learners to be exposed to professionally designed programmes on video or computers.

3. Educational technology has helped and supplemented the teachers in their instructional programmes through the structured lessons for remedial, enrichment or drill purposes. The learners get training for self instruction and teachers are relieved of the burden of routine repetition for exercise and revision purposes.


4. Through a systematic organisation of content and instructional materials, educational technology has provided well-integrated structured materials for teachers thus saving a lot of their time which in turn may be utilized for creative work and quality improvement.

5. The training and use of educational technology contributes towards the professional growth of teachers. It equips them in the use of scientific methods for solving educational and administrative problems. It adds to the teaching competence of teachers and inculcates a scientific outlook and scientific temper in teachers and students.

6. Educational technology has improved the teaching-learning process and made it more effective and process oriented. Television, Radio, V.C.R, Computers and LCD projectors etc. have enriched and facilitated effective transmission of knowledge.

7. Educational technology has not only maintained the standards of education but also improved the ways of teaching by giving it Teaching Aids and Programmed Instructional Material.

8. Mechanism of feedback devices for modification of teaching-learning behaviour have produced effective teachers in the teacher-training institutes.

Internet Safetyslcsd Educational Technology Resources

9. Students who appear for higher or competitive examinations have been benefitted by educational programmes on T.V, Radio and Internet.

10. Educational technology has opened up new fields of educational researches in the field of examination process, evaluation and classroom-teaching.

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11. Educational technology has provided practices and strategies that help teachers to teach according to individual differences of learners.

12. Educational technology has provided scientific foundation to education through the theories of learning and intelligence.

Thus educational technology is required in each and every aspect of teaching learning process. Educational technology serves all the purposes for modern education. Education today can’t go far without the help of educational technology. The innovations of technology in the field of education have done wonders to educational process. It has not only maintained the structure but also improved the nature of the educational process.

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All graduate students whether M. Ed. or graduate Certificate are expected to:

  • Complete an initial portfolio in the LTLE 570 OP course. Students add artifacts and reflections to their portfolio every semester; and their progress is monitored by each instructor as they move through the program. In this way the portfolio is a developmental indicator of progress.
  • Purchase and maintain a subscription to Adobe CC software for students (look for discount); maintain access to Microsoft Office applications and SSLVPN software, provided free-of-charge by JMU Computing.
  • Adhere to the Student Dispositions Policy.
  • Refer to the advising email sent each semester, when making course registration decisions.
  • Read, refer to, and understand the contents of their handbook in Canvas. Please visit the handbook for details and any other expectations.

Internet Safetyslcsd Educational Technology Resources Technology

Learners in the Graduate Educational Technology programs (e-Learning certificate, Ed Tech certificate, M.Ed.) are expected to maintain a computer with the latest Windows operating system or MacOS that is new within the last 3 years, and capable of running the Adobe CC applications. Learners are also expected to maintain consistent computer and Internet access. If computer specifications are needed, contact the program coordinator or academic advisor.