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Posted By admin On 28/12/21
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  • Wide range of features
  • Smart cutting tool
  • Clean, well-designed interface
  • Custom presets
  • Deep, professional editing tools

InPixio Photo Eraser. A complete redesign to make it even simpler to use - the sky’s the limit! - Correction Patch: This new, super fast correction tool allows you to get rid of imperfections, fill in or clone part of the image with just one flick of the mouse. InPixio Photo Maximizer Review: The main purpose of Photo Maximizer is to fix grainy pixelated pictures. I have read various review of inPixio which says that inPixio is best in the business when it comes to fixing pixels. Check Out InPixio Photo Editor Now. Photo Eraser for Mac is an easy-to-use image editor to remove unwanted objects from your photo, such as date stamps, watermarks, text, building or anything else. Easy to get use & started. You only need mark unwanted area by red color, Photo Eraser for Mac will make your photo much better in a minute. Photo Eraser for Mac features highlights: - Remove watermarks, date stamps, and so on. Delete unwanted people from photo.


  • Destructive results with certain tools
  • Flawed interactions between different programs
  • Limited customer support options

Is there ever such thing as too much? With software, cramming in every possible feature is naturally beneficial for the user, but it can sometimes leave the end result feeling bloated and cumbersome to use. InPixio has come across a solution to this: provide that same package, but split it up into different parts. The Parisian developer’s Photo Clip is an amalgamation of just some of its wide range of photo editing software, stuffed with every necessary feature but divided across separate image editing, error removal, and erasing programs – with direct access to additional InPixio products for an extra fee. With a package as complete as this, the lowest price of $49.99 is certainly a tempting offer, but the five-day free trial means you’ll easily have enough time to get a handle on every feature and function that Photo Clip has available.



With Photo Clip you’ll need to decide your reason for using it each time it is booted up. The three individual tools – Editor, Cutter, and Eraser – are strictly separated programs, yet each familiar in layout and design and all connected as part of an initial launch splash screen.

The interface is immediately impressive, with clear text and space between sliders, a pleasantly large workspace, and minimizable menus to really get a good look at your work. It makes editing with the software more comfortable since there’s no squinting to read tiny UI text or struggling to pick out the required tool from a difficult to read screen.

The Photo Editor's Interface

Using icons to categorize the different available selections – at least in Photo Clip Editor – helps keep things condensed and compact, though admittedly it does take some learning to remember where particular effects or tools are stored.


There are a number of subtle but important functions, too, that don’t necessarily sell the software but certainly make its use all the more pleasant an experience. The ability to make finite adjustments by typing in a number, for instance, is incredibly useful, as are the options to favorite particular tools, toggle effect visibility, or view a side-by-side comparison with the original image.

Comparison of Original and Edited Image

Tools and Effects

But it’s the use of presets that dominates Photo Clip’s. The software’s own presets are typically strong effects, purposefully harsh in their look and style but with no function to adjust just how intensely any given effect is applied. Each preset is a saved set of controls, however, which does mean it is possible to go in and manually readjust the settings that have been changed. It can be tricky to know where to begin with this, especially since using a preset likely means you’re not looking to do much of the intricate editing yourself.

This adds more work, admittedly, but a helpful workaround is in the possibility to create and save your own presets. This means spending some time editing an existing preset or saving the settings of an image that you’re happy with will ultimately minimize the time spent on applying that same look next time.

This is especially important for small businesses that might want to create simple social media images but don’t have the resources to hire someone especially for this task. Photo Clip Editor seems particularly well-suited to this purpose thanks to the array of rather specialized overlays – with the sort of colorful geometric styles you’ll regularly see on Facebook header images – that aren’t customizable beyond how heavily they are applied.

Manual Adjustment of Color Balance

Creating a New Preset

Additional Extras

There’s a lot of emphasis placed on dehazing and noise reduction, adding together with clarity adjustments to round out a decent trio of enhancement tools. While the results are always going to be a challenge and will rarely ever produce perfect results – especially when attempting noise reduction on photos taken with particularly high ISOs – they will at least make the overall image appear better, even if the close-up results end up quite damaged.

Meanwhile, the functions of Photo Clip Eraser and Cutter are at once intriguing and limiting. Separating them off into individual programs adds more hassle, especially when considering that the results of both programs first need to be exported and then imported separately into Photo Clip Editor if you want to further enhance the results.

The cutting itself is quite smart, however, able to cleverly pick out what it needs to remove with only a single brushstroke, though it needs a lot of finessing for proper results. On the other hand, the erasing – which is to say removal of unwanted items – can be a bit spotty, the AI not able to properly figure out the correct adjustments based on the context of the image. However, when combined with cloning it can make for a fairly quick – if imprecise – manner of image improvement.

Using the Cutter Tool

Results of the Erasing

Import & Export

Adding an image to the workspace is a smartly considered process. After selecting it from its location on the computer, the contents of that folder will then also appear running along the bottom of the screen. Though this can be minimized to allow a larger area for editing, this allows you to quickly see (and select) any other images that might also be stored in the same folder. It’s a small thing, but very helpful.

Photo Clip supports the most common file types, as well as a few untypical types like .DIB, .JXR, and so on. As such you can be sure that your photography will be supported, though .RAW files aren’t compatible with the software.

There is a lot of control over the exporting process, allowing for the manipulation of compression, file size, and even the ICC profile to be used – especially notable for high-level users. However, the software exports as .JPG by default, with the only other option being .TIFF. They’re both solid standards, but a bit more adaptability here would be appreciated.


While it’s worth remembering that downloadable photo editing software doesn’t typically offer many options when it comes to sharing a creation online, Photo Clip is one of the more limited suites with only two options for social sharing – Facebook and Flickr. This streamlines the process of uploading to two of the more important options, but for everything else you’ll need to export the image and upload it manually. There is the added benefit of being able to directly send an image via email, which is a helpful addition.

To highlight the compatibility across InPixio’s suite of editing tools, the share section also allows for direct transfers over to other programs available from the developer. However, crashes and Photo Cutter editing results failing to transfer over mean that this is not a perfect system, and certainly not more effective than simply exporting the images and importing them directly into the software you need to use. This function is also available for Photo Focus and Photo Maximizer, should these products also be owned.


As downloadable software, Photo Clip is obviously limited to the operating systems that InPixio supports. While the PC and Mac versions are kept separate in terms of their versioning, either side of the desktop computer market is catered for. However, there is also an equivalent mobile app available only for iOS.

With the app, many of the filters, effects, and even some tools are restricted only to those who pay, yet even premium members will find that – when compared to the bigger, desktop version – there aren’t so many possibilities with the app. Rotating, as just one example, is limited to only 90-degree rotations, with no option to finitely adjust angles for better positioning and perspectives.

Photo Clip’s mobile app is well-designed with a familiar Instagram-style layout and is simple to use, but doesn’t offer quite enough functions to make it worth downloading – whether you choose to pay the low $2.49 premium fee or not. While it is by no means a bad app, there are better, more feature-filled equivalents already available.


As is common with downloadable editing software, Photo Clip works on a license-based system and has two packages available. The standard costs $49.99 and unlocks the majority of the available tools with the exception of new functions like noise or haze reduction. The “Professional” license comes in at $79.99 and is naturally the most complete version, with all features available in addition to a large number of extra presets, frames, and overlays to apply to your images.

The confusion surrounding what is and isn’t available in the two packages isn’t helped much by the means of testing the software. The five-day free trial has everything unlocked and can be used without restrictions for the period, the only issue being the watermark that is applied to all exported images.

Then there’s the forever free version of Photo Editor, which has the core feature set available – meaning adjustments to colors, brightness, saturation and the like – alongside a selection of presets and all frames and overlays. However, more complex tools like the useful gradients or noise/haze reduction are blocked and will also apply a watermark when used. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee available, though, which means the suite can be fully tested without risk.

  • Free forever
  • Upgrade any time to Photo Clip
  • Removing unwanted objects and errors
  • Cropping and cutting out of photos
  • 5-day free trial
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Removing unwanted objects and errors
  • Cropping and cutting out of photos
  • Photo montages
  • Noise and haze reduction
  • Interactive tutorials
  • No watermarks
  • 5-day free trial
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Removing unwanted objects and errors
  • Cropping and cutting out of photos
  • Photo montages
  • Noise and haze reduction
  • Interactive tutorials
  • No watermarks
  • One-Click Image Correction
  • 100+ filters, effects, frames
  • 50+ textures

Customer Service

The option to call InPixio is a prominent option, clearly seen from the bottom of any page. This is reserved for sales and billing, however, so you’ll need to log into an account to post a question, report a bug, or troubleshoot an issue with the software. This can be searched quite easily to find the answer you’re looking for, but of course this is dependent not only on the issue having already been discussed but that an answer has been provided by the support team, which isn’t always the case. Tutorials can be found on the blog – which cannot be searched – and while there are social media channels, the assistance they provide are limited to the point of uselessness.

The Blog of InPixio

Bottom Line

As a suite, Photo Clip is about as complete as they come. While it is a bother to have to switch between different software – rather than having everything packaged neatly into a single program – the ability to cut, clone, and customize your photos to such an extent will be appreciated by any level of user.

There’s a great number of overlays and effects, too, useful for creative photographers and small businesses looking to put together compelling social media imagery. But it’s not quite as intuitive as it could be. The interface is slick and comes with some smart ideas but, conversely, the software can be awkward to use in other areas – such as with presets. The fact that it can crash on occasion and that some of its tools can be destructive to the end result are also disappointing for what could otherwise have been a thoroughly worthwhile package.


Editing photographs are in! Everyone edits their pictures these days.

Got a pimple? Edit it! A blur pic? Edit it! Bad Hair Day? Edit it? Photobombed? Edit it too!

It’s too fun to edit the pictures, and you have to admit it too. However, do we possess the skills to do it professionally? Or do the apps from the play store edit your pictures professionally? Umm… No! They don’t! InPixio is the professional photo editing software, that lets you do -ALMOST EVERYTHING! You can optimize or modify your pictures to make them look like a professional photographer has taken a picture of a model. And, no, that’s not an exaggeration, in fact, it is true.

What is Inpixio?

InPixio has specialized in the fields of Digital Photo software for years. It lets you delete, cut objects, creates photo montages and optimizes images. You can retouch every photo that you take. Its great technology lets you personalize the latest shots taken by a camera, smartphone or even tablet. Isn’t that great? Its motive is to bring out the photographer in YOU.

Thousands of beautiful photo effects will let you edit your pictures and add beautiful effects to it. The best part about InPixio is that you can remove people from your pictures. That’s right! You can edit people out of your photo in just a few seconds. Do you know how blurry your pictures become when you zoom in or crop them? That’s not going to happen anymore. With InPixio, you can enlarge your picture up to 1000% and have no loss of its quality. It has different products like:

  • Photo Clip 8 – (The latest update)
  • Photo Clip Mac
  • Photo Suite
  • Photo Editor
  • Photo Focus

Inpixio Photo Eraser For Mac Reviews

  • Photo Maximizer
  • Photo Eraser Mac
  • Photo Eraser
  • Photo Cutter
Inpixio photo eraser for mac review cnet
  • Free Photo Editor

With products like that, who’s going to have bad pictures, eh?


The Photo Clip option is the best thing I have ever seen! Once you see your picture has a building behind you and the other minute, it’s just you in the picture.

  • Easily remove unwanted objects and correct images
  • Edit portraits and landscapes to create beautiful images
  • Crop and cut-out photos with picture perfect precision
  • Create amazing photo montages
  • Interactive tutorials make getting started easily
  • Share photos with friends and family
  • Complete editing feature allows you to edit, enhance and retouch photos
  • 100+ filters and effects

Permanent Eraser For Mac

  • 100+ frames
  • 50+ original textures

InPixio is Magic!

You can remove blurry sights, people, objects or even the background from your images. Signs, wires, images or even people can be removed with a tap. The Automatic Colour Detection System is so easy to use as it lets you extract your single background color picture with just one click. You can apply effects with ease. If you think your picture looks dull, apply an effect, and you’re good to go.

If you don’t trust me, try their photo editor software for free. It’s so amazing that you’ll nearly be addicted. Any shot that you randomly take can become a masterpiece. It doesn’t matter even if it is a selfie or a normal picture; all your pictures can become the best that you have ever seen.



The makers of InPixio understand how difficult it is to invest money and to have a fear of losing it. Hence, they have a 100% money-back guarantee. If you use the product and you do not like it, then you can ask for a total refund. They call it the 100% satisfaction guarantee. You have to write to them or call their customer service, and your money will be refunded to you.

Inpixio Photo Eraser For Mac Review Cnet

The payment and refund procedures are quite simple and hassle-free. You do not have to worry about anything at all. They have a secured website too.


Editing is something that everyone loves these days. Videos, pictures and movies, everything can be edited. However, it costs a lot to go to a professional editor. So InPixio comes up with a budget-friendly software that lets you edit any picture that you take on any gadget. It is straightforward to use and comes with a tutorial too. Also, you can share the edited images anywhere you want. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of images that are edited, you can ask for a refund. At such a low price, InPixio offers you the best professional editing software. Is there anything else that anyone can need? Let’s all create masterpieces of our own through InPixio.

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