How To Design A Logo That Boosts Your Brand Identity

Posted By admin On 29/12/21

How to Ensure Your Logo Design Boosts Your Branding

Logos are everywhere. Global corporations have them. Medium sized companies have them. Small businesses have them. Logos help with branding and marketing a company as well as creating an easily recognisable identity.


Your logo is the last of the visual elements you’ll need to invest some time in. The good news is that you’ve already done most of the legwork: You’ve defined your brand’s identity. You’ve given your business a name. You’ve selected the main visual components that will represent your brand: colors, fonts, and images. The design of your logo should be unique in its way. Everything from the design of the logo to the color scheme of the logo design should be unique and distinctive. The uniqueness of logo design does not only make the brand identity individualistic, but it also makes it more memorable for the audience. Because a logo is not only the first port of call for customers to your brand, but also a visual summary of everything you want your brand to be, the logo is a natural starting point for creating your brand identity design. To begin creating a logo you need to step away from the computer for now. Pick up a pen or pencil, and a large sketchpad. 6 Logo Design Trends for 2021 to Boost Your Branding. You can leave your brand design shapes, but apply a gradient over them. You need to show your personal identity in your own brand.

How To Design A Logo That Boosts Your Brand Identity

How To Design A Logo That Boosts Your Brand Identity Protection

But simply having a logo isn’t enough, especially if it is poorly designed and has no impact when seen. It must be designed and created so that it is effective in promoting your brand in all manner of ways and mediums.

The first step in designing an effective logo has nothing to do with graphics or text. It is research, both internal and external. Identify what you want your company branding to convey, and what its mission is all about. Also, think about the sort of customers you are targeting and what appeals to them.

Externally, look at what is working well, both within your industry, and within others for potential ideas. Never copy another company’s logo, but by all means ask your designer to adapt design elements of other logos that have proved to be successful.

The most successful and recognisable logos that exist are those that are simple and uncluttered. The principle here is that anyone looking at the logo should not have to decipher a hugely complex graphical design. Logos are not created to win abstract art competitions so bear this in mind.

How To Design A Logo That Boosts Your Brand Identity

Using text within the logo design is fine, as long as what’s written is succinct and easily read. It could be a short marketing message, the company name or a motto for example. Bear in mind one of the most important aspects of your logo is that it should be memorable. If someone seeing it is required to memorize a large chunk of text, it will happen, but for all the wrong reasons.

How To Design A Logo That Boosts Your Brand Identity Change

If you are going to use text it is good practice to use a font that can be read easily. Script fonts that look like handwriting should be avoided as these can be very difficult to decipher compared to more basic fonts.

How To Design A Logo That Boosts Your Brand Identity Authentication

Your logo also needs to be adaptable so it can be seen properly on all mediums. Although it may look fine on your computer screen, consider how it might appear on other items such as headed paper, advertising images, product packaging and even promotional materials such as pens, t-shirts and coffee mugs. By carefully selecting the size, font, colours and styling at the outset to ensure your logo will work in all circumstances, you will save yourself a lot of time and expense by it not having to be redesigned later.

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Finally, you want your logo to be unique so that it identifies your business and your business alone. If it is too similar to other companies, especially within your niche, then customers are going to be confused.