Four Second Frenzyspiter Games

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Four Second Frenzy Physics Bubble Shooter Make Over Aim and Shoot Parking Avoiding Long-distance Record Collection Concentration Jumping Catching Reaction IO Pacman Sonic Do you like this game? Four Second Frenzy You have 4 seconds to complete the mini games or you lose a life. Instructions/Controls: Arrow keys and spacebar. Four Second Frenzy is an online Action game for kids. It uses the Flash technology. Play this Free game now or enjoy the many other related games we have at POG. Play games, new games are added all the time, and picked for quality gameplay. Visit us regularly, check out the Most Popular Games, Featured, Top Rated Games, what others are playing, Related list, use the Search feature, and play Game Feeds. Sometimes I'm very glad when I game inspires imitators, as long as it doesn't inspire too many. Wario Ware seems to have inspired just enough to keep the concept fresh, and Four Second Frenzy.® opened in September 2002 as a free public service to teach children to read. Since then it has expanded to include language arts and mathematics for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade. Starfall’s emphasis on phonemic awareness, systematic sequential phonics, and common sight words in conjunction with audiovisual interactivity has proven effective in teaching emergent readers. Starfall activities are research-based and align with Individual and Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics.

FrenzyspiterFour Second Frenzyspiter Games

The program emphasizes exploration, play, and positive reinforcement—encouraging children to become confident and intrinsically motivated. Starfall is an educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children and is especially effective for special education, homeschooling, and English language development (ELD, ELL, ESL). It is widely used in schools that serve children with special needs and learning difficulties.

Our low-cost membership program expands the free content to include animated songs, mathematics, and reading activities spanning K-3. Membership also supports the production of new books, songs, educational games, and movies.

The program, provided by the Starfall Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization, was conceived by Dr. Stephen Schutz. As a child, Stephen had difficulty learning to read due to dyslexia. He wanted to create a website with untimed, multisensory interactive games that allow children to see, hear, and touch as they learn.

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You have 4 seconds to complete the mini games or you lose a life.


Arrow keys and spacebar.

The size of this game is very large (5 mb). Please be patient while it loads!
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