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X-Plane 11 Downloads and Add-ons. X-Plane has always been the professionals choice for a flight simulation package. However, over the past few years - X-Plane has become more popular with the 'general' flight simulator user, the user that flies at home on his PC or Mac. It began delivery to users in 2012. This X-Plane rendition features a detailed 2D cockpit and comprehensive documentation. This is an update of a file that was originally uploaded. It was created with Plane-maker v.9. However, this will work with X-plane 10 and 11 (with an update of the FMS in v11) A member of x-plane has brought it to my. This is a complete package of photoreal scenery containing the entire state of California for X-Plane 11 - no additional downloads needed. The scenery is sourced from satellite data and imagery and compiled into X-Plane format using Ortho4XP. The package is large - it may take a long while to download on most Internet connections.

This category covers expansions, mods, and add-ons that improve, replace or add extra scenery areas to your copy of X-Plane 11 (or XP11 as it's know in the community).

Screenshot showing the Arizona photoreal scenery in X-Plane 11.

Covered here are small airfields that the developers may have missed out of the default release because of development resource limits all the way up to large international airports that are already included but provide a better, more accurate and detailed representation of them.


Also included are highly detailed photoreal packages that replace the stock ground terrain with real photographic images from satellite data. These files are usually very large and may take a long time to download on a standard Internet connection. Having said that, the wait is worth it because the level of detail is stunning and once you've used photoreal you won't go back to the default.

Adding these files is a great way to expand upon the default installation. All of the files are compatible with any platform that runs X-Plane. If you are already running X-Plane 11 on your platform then these files will work without issue - they are universal.

Some of the scenery add-ons included in this category:

Download X Plane For Macdownzup 11

  • New/updated airports
  • Better mesh scenery
  • New ground terrain including photoreal (or Orthophoto as it's known) covering areas such as the USA, Europe, Australia and more.
  • Towns and cities that may not be as detailed in the default install
  • Environment upgrades

Worth noting is that all of the mesh add-ons released by the well known AlpilotX can be found here. You can also find the UHD versions here. They are not included in this category.

Download X-plane

Download X Plane For Macdownzup

Download X Plane For Macdownzup 5

Installation is easy and can usually be achieved with an unzip and simple drag-drop into your X-Plane folders. Most (if not all) of the files come with detailed installation instructions.

Download X Plane For Macdownzup 7

Browsing the category is also simple - you can sort the files using the handy 'sort by' feature below. Enjoy the scenery!