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David Ball is a life mentor and coach that works with men. With 20+ years of experience and with more than 7,000 men helped, David’s site is an interesting example of how your choice of client can shape your website. Identify as a consumer of mental health services. Consumer means: Someone who has applied for, is eligible for, or has received mental health services. For a child under the age of 13, or for a child age 13 or older whose parents or legal guardians are involved in the treatment plan, the definition of consumer includes parents. From a broader perspective, in 2021 real-life and digital fitness will work to complement, rather than compete with each other. As wellness website Well+Good reports, 'With Mirror, for example, founder Brynn Putnam drew on her years of experience owning Refine Method, a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) studio in NYC, to create studio-level classes you can access from your living room.

Creating a website for your health coaching business is a clever marketing strategy as it builds your online presence and acts as a central hub for everything relating to your business including client testimonials, the products and services that your health coaching business offers, and most importantly, your contact details.

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The feel, look and content of your website will depend on where your passions lie and who your target market is.

Here we’ve listed some of the best health coaching websites to inspire you to start your own. Each health coaching website is unique and makes use of trendy color schemes, stunning photography, stylish font styles, and clean layouts to attract their target audience.

  1. Karla Gilbert is a former Ironwoman who is now a mother of two and has transitioned her focus to helping others achieve optimal health and wellness. Karla’s health coaching website reflects her love for the beach with stunning beach photos.
  2. Love Yourself Fit founder Amy Gravenor is a Canadian health coach who focuses on helping women achieve their health goals. She uses a warm and inviting color scheme and a user-friendly platform for her website. What works well on this health coaching website is the client testimonial slider at the bottom of the home page.
  3. Elizabeth Rider is a Board Certified Health Counselor (AADP), wellness coach, business mentor, and successful entrepreneur. Her website uses a fresh and vibrant color scheme with positive language and energizing photos bringing together a professional polished feel.
  4. Katrine van Wyk is the author of Best Green Drinks Ever and her website reflects her passion for fresh greens through her photos, font style and earthy color scheme.
  5. Maria Marlowe is a health coach who focuses on empowering women to lead healthier lives. She is also the author of The Real Food Grocery Guide. Her health coaching website uses bright colors and fun bold artwork which gives it an edgy, modern, attention-grabbing feel.
  6. Eating Bird Food creator Brittany has created an inviting website using pastel colors and attractive foodie photos that are linked to her Instagram account.
  7. Ludos Primal Wellness was developed by Ludovic Roy, a certified Primal Health Coach. His website makes use of an easy to navigate platform and contains picturesque landscape photographs that create a sense of calm and professionalism.
  8. Chisel Training and Health exerts confidence with a perfect mix of modern font and colors and simple catchy phrasing in relatable language. Chisel Training and Health founder, Jasmine Cabrera, is a certified Primal Health Coach. We love the photo of her peacefully taking in the scenery whilst nestled on top of a mountain.
  9. The Ladies That Lift founder Anna Marsh is a weight training specialist and nutritionist who focuses specifically on helping ladies achieve their health and fitness goals. The Ladies That Lift website strikes the perfect balance between strength and femininity with beautiful photos and an apricot color scheme; the perfect combination to attract its target audience.
  10. Mindy Braun is an active mommy as well as a certified Primal Health Coach who is ready to help women and men achieve their health goals. Mindy combines bold font and vibrant photos to produce a warm and inviting feel to her website.
  11. Melissa Ambrosini is the best selling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, the host of The Melissa Ambrosini Show podcast, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and self-love teacher. Her website is a reflection of her personality as it oozes positivity with energetic photos and inspiring and empowering language.
  12. JillFit creator Jill Coleman has over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry. She has a strong yet feminine presence and this comes across with her website and business ethos, which is filled with positive language, bold fonts and fun-loving images.
  13. Nourish & Lift is my very own health coaching website. I have combined active beach photos with inviting and friendly language, with a bright color scheme to produce a welcoming and friendly feel to my website.
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These health coaching business websites each have their own unique feel to them, specifically designed to attract their target market. The best health coaching websites reflect their business brand and are very much an extension of the the founder and their health coaching business.


Now’s the time to start your very own health coaching business website!

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