Celebrating Successeffective Curriculum Ideas

Posted By admin On 28/12/21
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Teachers have always found ways to recognize student achievement. But with LiveSchool, your entire school can work toward a range of prizes, without requiring teachers to track points by hand. Since the app handles all the logistics, your school can enjoy a whole new range of student incentive ideas. Plus, the school-wide point system is inherently fair and easy to track. Here are 6 creative ways schools around the country are recognizing students in all grade levels - going way beyond “100%” stickers.

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We celebrate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, and other special events. It’s totally normal and expected, but do you celebrate success in the workplace? As a business you need to be proud of your employees, teams, and company when they achieve great things. This served as a prime point for celebrating project success, the team was able to make the contract award by the target date. On your projects, identify key milestones and choose those that are make-or-break when it comes to project success. These will be prime opportunities for you to celebrate when the team hits the milestone successfully.

  • Black history is American history, but Black History Month provides the necessary opportunity to dig deeper. Every February, we can support students as they learn more, discover cultural impacts, and follow movements through to the present day. Since 1928, the Association for the Study of African.
  • However, while celebrating the corporate anniversary one needs to have a decent outlet to celebrate the joyous occasion. Before moving to the official anniversary party ideas, there are some things one has to take care of while planning a company anniversary.
  • One of the most important ideas to consider for employee recognition and appreciation is the concept of program flexibility. Whether you are facilitating peer recognition, service awards, core value reinforcement, wellness incentives, all of the above, or anything in between, it’s critical to have the infrastructure in place that makes.

Silly Science Experiments

Students at Kingsway Elementary in Port Charlotte, Florida work for a chance to lead a dramatic science experiment with the school’s STEM lab teacher. The winner chooses from a variety of concoctions, like creating snow, slime, or an exploding sandwich bag. This prize relates back to themes in their curriculum; and as lead teacher Sarah Willingham says,

I think it is easy to see why kids would be motivated to save their points to purchase this reward.

Get together for some Team Bonding

Team rewards, like outings to the movies or a local restaurant, highlight the success of an entire class. Plus, they could serve as an attractive bonus for quieter students who aren’t so jazzed about getting to read the morning announcements. Creekside Middle School in Fairfield, Ohio, offers building-wide awards: when students earn 100 points, they celebrate with a group excursion that gets them out of the classroom, and into a teamwork mindset.

Everybody loves Free Dress

Celebrating successeffective curriculum ideas 4th grade

If your school has a strict dress code, offering a dress-down day could be a major motivator. Let them show off the points they earned in a Hawaiian shirt. :)

Hostess with the Mostest

Sara Brady, principal of Marion County Knight Academy in Lebanon, Kentucky, uses whole school events to boost student engagement in PBIS. Her most popular event is a school dance where the admission is 40 LiveSchool points. Once student's are in the dance, they can also “buy” food and school swag with points. The event becomes more about rewarding genuine effort, and less about paying an entry fee.

Celebrating Successeffective Curriculum Ideas

Theme Party

Create a project that brings multiple grades and faculty together. Last December at Hannah Penn K-8 in York, PA, students were rewarded with a “Power Hour” that included hot chocolate and cookie decorating. Intervention Coordinator Ashley Miller loved seeing students collaborate with peers in different grades.

Shopping Spree

LiveSchool tracks points for every student in the building, making it easy for each student to see their progress and “purchase” their own reward. Julie Cook, a principal in Kansas City, Missouri, says,

Students at KIPP Endeavor LOVE the School Store. We run it through LiveSchool, making the process easy for teachers to manage.

Even though every individual earns their own points, the celebration can include the entire class, or the whole school. Regardless of grade level, every LiveSchool student has the same potential to earn a moment in the spotlight.

You’ve probably come up with your own classroom rewards. As always, we’d love to hear your ideas for student recognition using LiveSchool! Tweet us @whyliveschool your rewards and YOU might be highlighted in the next blog post!

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When was the last time you hit a significant milestone at work and did something to celebrate? Or simply celebrated the fact that you’d made it through another day on a difficult project?

I don’t think we do that enough, so here are 15 ways that you can celebrate success at work with your team.

1. Meal out

This works well on teams with fewer than 20 people in my experience. A meal out with 150 work colleagues (although I have attended a couple of those) turns into a big event where you only sit with and talk to your friends.

The host doesn’t get round to chat to everyone and it kind of defeats the object of a personalized thank you. Also, it’s fiendishly expensive to take people out for dinner these days. However, for small teams it can work well.

2. Drinks out

Drinks out cost less than a meal and work better when there are large groups of people involved. On one project we hired a private area in a pub and they catered with bar snacks too. We actually got a lot more food than we expected, which was great.

We chose a pub near the office so people could get their easily – it was a five minute walk. I thought that was important as often people are in a rush to get home from work and I know I wouldn’t be prepared to take too much time out of my home life to hang out with people I already spend the best part of my day with.

On one project we had too many people involved to take them out for drinks so we bulk bought bottles of wine (and some soft drinks too) from the local cash and carry. Then we made personalized gift vouchers. You can read more about this attempt at thanking people on a budget here and find out why it didn’t work out so well.

3. Say ‘Thank you!’

It costs nothing to say thank you, and it’s my belief that you should do so as often as possible. You can never appreciate people too much. And you don’t have to wait for a significant milestone to do so. Just say it whenever.

You can also email a thank you message. Some people will appreciate this more as they can file it away for their end of year review more easily than if you had just said it.

4. Time off

Celebrating Successeffective Curriculum Ideas Preschool

If it’s within your power, offering time off works well. If your team have had to put in a lot of unrecognized overtime to get to the point where you are now celebrating success, then try to recognize that by giving it back to them as time off in lieu.

5. A letter from your sponsor

Many people like to know that those higher up have recognized their efforts and appreciate them. I once got our CEO to write letters of thanks to a large team who were instrumental in getting one project to the next significant milestone.

It meant a lot to people to know that he was aware of what the team had achieved.

6. Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers can work well and can equally fall flat. I once got some vouchers for a shop that was miles away and inconvenient to get to. Not a great gift.

However, many vouchers today can be used online as well as in real stores. Gift vouchers can be a bit of a cop out but they are good on large teams and let people choose a thank you present for themselves.

7. Company scheme

If your company runs a staff recognition scheme then use it! Many companies have schemes that offer small gifts to individuals and teams based on their contribution to business success. If it comes with a certificate then that’s even better.

8. Supplier gifts

Back in the days before the recession hit, suppliers often had a lot of free samples to give away. You might be working on a project with a vendor who still has got a budget for giveaways.

I once bought gift bags (and didn’t charge them to the project budget, in case you were wondering) and then commandeered the best freebies I could from a range of vendors. We got umbrellas, USB keys, nice pens and I can’t remember what else. Then I filled a bag each for the team.

I have no idea if they appreciated a bag of what was effectively free stuff but I still use my free umbrella.

Celebrating Successeffective Curriculum Ideas For Church

If a supplier helped you get to this point, there’s no harm in asking them if they will contribute to something to help celebrate the success achieved.

9. Gift from you

If you can’t get the money from your company or a supplier for a gift, and (importantly) you can afford it, think about giving your dedicated team members something from yourself.

Celebrating Successeffective Curriculum Ideas Activities

I have bought my team gifts before: again, bottles of wine. I chose wine from the year that they started on the project – it was a project that ran for several years and we had worked together closely over that time.

10. Bowling/Games

Ask my team what they don’t want to do and they’ll say bowling. But it works for many teams, and I don’t mind it myself. It’s a fun, not too expensive way of marking the end of a project or a successful completion.

Plus, games like bowling have the added benefit of competition. We bought cheap ‘medals’ and a little trophy so everyone on the winning team could have a souvenir to take home and the triumphant winners could put the trophy in their office area.

Try this: An office or WFH scavenger hunt.

11. Picnic

I think this has only ever worked for me once, on a team away day and we were doing it as a team building exercise rather than an end-of-project celebration. Still, it is something to consider, and quite cheap if everyone brings a dish.

We played outdoor games too, like rounders and frisbee.

12. Coffee card

I wish people celebrated my successes by giving me a gift card for Pret! I’d even take Starbucks.

Celebrating Successeffective Curriculum Ideas 4th Grade

If picking up a coffee on the way to work is part of the fabric of your team then this would be a welcome small treat. You don’t need to load it with much money for it to be worth a couple of coffees.

13. Comedy club (or theater)

A bigger, but less food-orientated outing is to take your team to a comedy club. When we did this (it was a team Christmas outing rather than a celebration) it was a great night. Some of the acts fell flat, but others were fantastic. We created a shared experience too so it doubled as a team-building event.

If comedy isn’t for you, think about a trip to the theater or even a ghost walk (or other guided walk) around your local area.

14. A book

Why not thank you team for a job well done by buying them a book? How about this excellent book, Shortcuts to Success to help them manage their work better? Oh yes, I wrote that!

15. Ask them

If you don’t instinctively know what your team would like from this list – or you can’t tell if they would like any of them, then you don’t know your team very well. That’s OK, it happens. Especially on big teams.

The best way to find out how people would like to be thanked is to ask them.

Yes, it takes away some of the spontaneity but in my experience people would much rather get something they want than something they don’t value. Most individuals will appreciate the fact that you care enough to thank them in a way that is meaningful to them.

Which of these have you tried?

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