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This post has some of the best Microsoft Excel games for you to download for free and play right now.

All you need to have is Microsoft Excel installed on your computer to play these games. There might be a chance of incompatibility with some of these games.

Download Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac Free. It is full Latest Version setup of Microsoft Excel 2016 15.39 Premium Pro DMG for Apple Macbook OS X. Brief Overview of Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac OS X. Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac is an application which can be used for creating spreadsheet. With most Office 365 plans, you’re able to download and install full versions of Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. All of these desktop applications connect to the cloud just like the online (web app) versions, which means you can do your work with or without an internet connection. You can reference to Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel Dll which will also help manipulate excel data. Refering to your question - Microsoft Excel 16.0 Object Library will not be available for VS 2012 - probabaly look for Microsoft Excel 12.0 Object Library. Add Reference - COM - Microsoft Excel 12.0 Object Library.

This post is only for informational purposes. Don’t get too distracted and use these during work.

Please go through the complete post because there are more than 100 Excel Games for free download here.

1) 2048 game in Excel

Download from: SpreadSheet1

2048 is a popular sliding block puzzle game. You have to slide the numbered tiles to create a tile with the number 2048. It’s fun when it’s boring!

2) 50+ Excel Games (Single link download)


Special thanks to Ankit Kaul from

Download individual games from ExcelTrick


If you want to download all the 50+ games at once then click this:

You can find awesome games such as:

Can you download microsoft excel on a mac
  1. 2D Knockout
  2. 3D tic tac toe xl2k
  3. AdrenalineChallenge
  4. Air Fighting
  5. angry birds excel
  6. Angry Birds Rio
  7. Apple Shooter
  8. Ball Challenge
  9. Bang Bang#2
  10. Baseball
  11. Batman Excel
  12. bloxorz
  13. Bmx-Tricks
  14. Bow Man
  15. Bowling
  16. Chaser
  17. Chopper Challenge
  18. Crab Ball
  19. Cricket
  20. Defend Your Castle
  21. Down Hill Stunts
  22. Drunk-Driving
  23. easy-chess
  24. Famous Eyes
  25. Fishy
  26. frog leap
  27. GOLF
  28. hamster flight
  29. Hulk Smash Up
  30. Knife-Throw
  31. logos quiz game
  32. Minesweeper
  33. Mini Pool
  34. Monopoly
  35. mortal kombat
  37. PACMAN
  38. Parking
  39. Prince of Persia Excel
  40. Ricochet kills 2
  41. Roller Coaster
  42. Search Doll
  43. snake
  44. SONIC
  45. spot the difference
  46. Square
  47. Super Mario world excel
  48. Superman-Game
  49. Tetris
  50. Throw paper
  51. TOM n JERRY

3) 28 Excel Games

And here is one more list of Excel games to help you kill some time. You can directly download the excel games on the site.

Download it from here: Unlocked Excel Games

  1. Adrenaline Challenge
  2. apple shooting game
  3. Badger Racing
  4. Bang Bang 2
  5. BirdFlu
  6. connect 4
  7. Cursor Race
  8. Curve Ball
  9. Donkey Kong
  10. Hangman
  11. Hulk Smash Up
  12. Jurassic Pinball
  13. Magic8Ball
  14. Mario
  15. Monopoly
  16. My pong
  17. Pacman
  18. Raft Wars
  19. sonic
  20. Super Mario Revived
  21. Tanks
  22. tennis
  23. Tetris
  24. The Idiot Test 1
  25. The Impossible Quiz (Lite version)
  26. The Impossible Quiz
  27. xlmaze
  28. zodiac & fun facts

4) Vertex42

Visit: Vertex42 has Spirograph, Mine Blaster 1000, and they have links to many other sites where you can find excel games for free download.

5) ClickonF5

Visit: ClickonF5

ClickonF5 has 16 Micosoft Excel Games that you can play on the spreadsheet.

Some of the games that you can download are Ball Escape, Bricks 10, Crazy Ball, Twist, The Package, Water Share, Tennis Game, Easy Chess, Link Five, Brainvita, Shooting, Sonic, Insect Collector, Finger Footy, Counting Stars, and Parking Game.

6) Excel Tutorial Online

Visit: Excel Tutorial Online

This site has Candy Number Crush Saga, Monopoly, Frog Leap, 3D Maze, Sudoku, Knockout, Logo Quiz, Pacman, and more.

7) Flight Simulator in Microsoft Excel 97

Thanks to: Indiana University Knowledge Base

Open Microsoft Excel 97.
Open a new workbook.
Press F5.
Enter L97:X97
Press Enter.
Press Tab once.
Press Ctrl-Shift while you click the Chart Wizard icon in the toolbar.
To quit, press Esc.

8) 100 Square Football Pool Excel

Download 19+ Football Pool Grid: Football Pool Template

9) Monopoly in Excel

Download it from here: Monopoly in Excel

10) Dev Hunter – Excel hidden game


Can You Download Excel On Mac

Thanks to: Dev Hunter – Caltech University

  • How to Play:
    Go to the Excel worksheet at the bottom of this page.
    Page down or scroll down until you find row 2000.
    Locate column WC.
    Click on cell (2000, WC).
    Highlight the entire row by pressing SPACE-SHIFT.
    Holding down CTRL-ALT-SHIFT, left-click on the Office logo in the upper left corner on the Excel image.
    The full-screen game Dev Hunter will start.
  • Controls: Up arrow: accelerate
    Down arrow: decelerate
    Left/Right arrows: maneuver left or right
    O: release oil slick
    SPACE: fire machine guns
    H: toggle headlights on or off
    ESC: exit game

11) 3D Maze in Excel

Download it from 3D Maze in Excel

12) Arena XLSM

Can you download excel on mac

Can You Download Microsoft Excel On A Mac

Download it from Arena XLSM

13) Minesweeper in Excel

Download it from Excel Minesweeper

14) 53 Microsoft Excel Games

Download it from 53 Excel Games

  1. 3D Viewer
  2. AC/DC Music Video
  3. Baseball 2010
  4. Battleship
  5. Bejeweled
  6. Berulex
  7. Blackjack
  8. Boulderdash
  9. Breakout
  10. BubbleCell
  11. Checkers
  12. Chess
  13. Complex Guess
  14. Concentration
  15. Connect 4
  16. Deal or No Deal
  17. Dog Race
  18. Forty’s Rings II
  19. Frogger
  20. Glug Glug
  21. Golf Stats
  22. Hangman
  23. Invasion Fours
  24. Klondike Solitaire
  25. Knight & Lanseque
  26. Mastermind
  27. Maze
  28. Minesweeper
  29. Mousehunt
  30. Numbers Game
  31. Pipe Dream
  32. Pong
  33. Random Dot Stereogram
  34. Reversi
  35. Rotation
  36. Rubix
  37. Rush Hour
  38. Sci-Fi Plot
  39. Slots
  40. Snake
  41. Sokoban
  42. Square Poker
  43. Stones of Power
  44. Sudoku Solver
  45. Tetris
  46. TexTwisT
  47. Tic-Tac-Toe
  48. Tower of Hanoi
  49. Trouble
  50. Video Poker
  51. Word Search
  52. Yahtzee
  53. zodiac

15) Dangerous Dave in Exel

Download it from Dangerous Dave in Excel

16) Ribbon Hero 2 from Microsoft

Download it from Ribbon Hero 2 in Excel

17) 18 Excel Games

Download it from 18 MS Excel Games

Here is the list of games:

Can you download microsoft excel on a mac
  1. Drive-by Sean O’Sullivan
  2. Memory by Chris Leonard
  3. 3D Tic Tac Toe by Tim aka Bolo
  4. Screen Soother by Matt Naumann
  5. Life by Jerry Hunter
  6. FootyLeague by Russel Piper through Ivan Moala
  7. FootyLeague by Jonathan Davies
  8. Magic 8 Ball by Rich Needham
  9. Hangman by Joseph Cognard
  10. Snakes & Ladders by Bob LaLonde
  11. Tic Tac Toe 4×4 by Barry Tocher
  12. Snake by Jochen Wriske
  13. Master Mind by David Tate
  14. Color Game by Ioannis Tsiamadanis
  15. Tiles Game by Ioannis Tsiamadanis
  16. Knights Game by Andy Pope
  17. ExcellonII by Koichi Tani, translated by Colo
  18. 3D Tic Tac Toe by Steve W (White6174)
  19. Snake by Colo

18) Excel Guru

Visit: Excel Guru

There are 15 spreadsheet games available on this site such as Autobahn, MBX Tricks, Cave Puzzle, CelTetris, David Copperfield, Knife Throw, Mosquito, MySnake, Parking, PJ World, Slotcell, Sudoku Solver, Water Share, and more.

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