Can I Get Ms Word For Mac To Read Koine Greek

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Currently Apple’s Mac has a notable edge for typing polytonic Greek in Unicode when comparing their normal accenting systems. Mac operating systems allow for multiple dead key combinations (select breathing, select accent, select subscript and then finally select a letter) and Windows systems only allow for a single dead key. Lots of programs claim they can read Microsoft Word.doc and.docx formats, and some can also write or export them. As mentioned, the success rate generally depends on the Word features you use.

Can I Get Ms Word For Mac To Read Koine Greek

Beginning with New Testament Greek is a user-friendly textbook for Elementary Greek courses at the college or seminary level. Pick up a copy and join Rob Plummer in the video lectures below.

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Benjamin Merkle

Benjamin L. Merkle (Ph.D., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is professor of New Testament and Greek at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Robert Plummer

Robert L. Plummer (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Collin and Evelyn Aikman Professor of Biblical Studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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The official copyright notice for the BibleWorks fonts is shown as follows:

'BWHEBB, BWHEBL, BWTRANSH [Hebrew]; BWGRKL, BWGRKN, and BWGRKI [Greek] PostScript® Type 1 and TrueType fonts Copyright ©1994-2015 BibleWorks, LLC. All rights reserved. These Biblical Greek and Hebrew fonts are used with permission and are from BibleWorks ('

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To download the BibleWorks Greek and Hebrew fonts for Windows, right-click on the following link and choose 'Save target as' or 'Save link as': Click here for the Zip file

The file you are downloading is a Zip file containing BibleWorks font files. Once the fonts files are downloaded and extracted from the Zip file, install the font files as you would any other font:

Can I Get Ms Word For Mac To Read Koine Greek Alphabet

  1. Click Start Settings Control Panel and then double click the 'Fonts' icon.
  2. In the Fonts applet click File Install New Font.
  3. In the Add Fonts Dialog, navigate to the folder where the extracted fonts are located.
  4. Select the fonts and then click OK. The fonts are now installed.

Can I Get Ms Word For Mac To Read Koine Greek Subs

MacOS versions of our fonts are also available.

The BibleWorks Hebrew Keyboard Map (BWHEBB)

The BibleWorks Greek Keyboard Map (BWGRKL)

Can I Get Ms Word For Mac To Read Koine Greek Lexicon

Note: The a and A shown with Greek accents and the blank rectangle shown with Hebrew vowels are not printed. They are shown to illustrate accent and vowel point positions.