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Boxhead: 2Play Rooms is a zombie shooter that has multiplayer functionality. The game is the fourth in the Boxhead series, but the first one with multiplayer. 1 Gameplay 2 Badges The game is a top-down view shooter. Your character is keyboard controlled. You can play with your friend against the. You should also play these games! BOXHEAD: BIEVER & BABY BOXHEAD BOXHEAD: THE NIGHTMARE BOXHEAD BOUNTY HUNTER LITE BOXHEAD: A HALLOWEEN SPECIAL ZOMBOTRON 2: TIME MACHINE TEMPLE OF BOOM ZOMBOTRON BOXHEAD: THE ROOMS BOXHEAD: MORE ROOMS DEAD IN 60 SECONDS BOXHEAD BOUNTY HUNTER. Boxhead 2Play; Boxhead More Rooms; War Simulator; Raft Wars; Raft Wars 2; Mafia Wars; Age Of War; Heroes in a Battle; Charge Now; Ear Doctor; Stickman Fighter;; Geometry Dash 2; Cake Shop; Fall Race.

If you love shooting games that have slight violence then, the amazing Boxhead 2 is the perfect game for you. The game is simply amazing, and it even has the simplest game controls ever. And on top of that you can bring a friend as it also has a multiplayer option. And it is for this reason that the game has more fun, and it is even interesting for both kids and adults too. You will be immersed into the comic universe as you enjoy each and every scene of the game. All you have to do is to use the controls in moving and shooting the zombies before they shoot you. It has clear and colourful presentation that gives you a nice view of the whole room. The scenes have a number of arenas, and you will have access to different weapons that include a pistol, shotgun, grenades and even rocket launchers. The simple graphics in the game mainly depicts the spilled blood from the killed zombies; the bullet lines from the shots fired and even the location of the zombies and where they are hidden. They have game controls that are easy to follow and also make the game more interesting. To move you use the arrow keys, and then the space bar is used in giving you the ability to fire the weapons. As you gain more points, you will have access to more advanced weapons. And once you have the weapons at your disposal you can then use the number keys to change the various weapons and fire them in different ways. So, all you need to do is to find this amazing game and enjoy every bit of the game as you kill all the zombies and gain more points as you climb up the levels.

Boxhead 2 Playobey Games Multiplayer


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