Bingo For The Classroom

Posted By admin On 29/12/21
Bingo For The Classroom

A favorite warm-up activity for Fluent City teachers is a round of classroom BINGO, which can be easily customized for class content and language level. Learn how to play classroom BINGO with your language students.

Classroom management can be a doozy! I wanted something fun and engaging to help my students stay focused throughout the year that hit multiple classroom expectations. I love changing up what I use in my classroom to help my students manage behaviors. These classroom Management bingo boards are perfect!


I usually introduce the bingo board during morning meeting. We talk about ways we can earn a bingo piece as a class.. working together, staying on task, participating, transitioning quickly, etc. We decide on what prize we would want to earn as a class! Throughout the day when I see our class doing something to earn a piece for the board I pull it from a small pail near the white board or have a student do it for us!

  • So here are some fun ways to practice food words in the community (or classroom) without buying a thing. Go to the grocery store and use the BINGO cards to have a scavenger hunt. Students have to find the items that match their card and cross them off using dry erase markers on laminated cards.
  • This comprehensive collection of bingo resources includes a variety of engaging educational games that and have been designed for use as part of a Literacy, Numeracy or Physical Education lesson. Each bingo game can be used for whole class games or small group activities.

They love seeing what piece we pulled and seeing how close we are to earning a bingo. It’s an exciting and FREE tool to help with classroom management – that the students truly enjoy!

Every class bingo theme includes:
-6 Ready to use bingo boards with editable prize space:
-classroom bingo
-transitions bingo
-homework bingo
-kindness bingo
-teamwork bingo
-participation bingo
-Blank editable bingo board to add your own topic
-5 Classroom bingo boards with ready to go prizes filled in
-Bingo pieces
-How to use


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Bingo Templates For The Classroom

Bingo For The Classroom

Bingo Classroom Management

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