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Android Device Monitor. Android Device Monitor is a standalone tool that provides a UI for several Android app debugging and analysis tools. This is a static, virtual analysis tool that gives you a comprehensive overview of your app's architecture. You can use it to check the API reference documentation and decompile the. These are some of the latest Android bases project ideas for students. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar. Today, you can make an Android project on any topic as there are many real-life problems and can also convert an existing project into your Android project. Available for Apple and Android devices. Quizlet is a platform that allows for the creation and practice of flashcards. After generating a study set, users are able to electronically test themselves through quizzes and games. It is an effective way to learn on-the-go with your mobile device. Available for Apple and Android devices. The Android platform, backed by the power of Google, delivers four key advantages over Apple devices: Android is the world's most popular platform for smartphones (80% of the world market). Android OS and apps can now be installed on a Windows or Mac PC for free (installed and run as a desktop program instead of a dual-boot scenario!).

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Tip: New to app development? Visit the training pages for Android developers.

Create great user experiences

Understand each type of Android device and how users interact with them, then tailor your app experience to each use case.

Use Material Design

Follow the principles of Material Design to create apps that both delight and enlighten your users in equal measure.

Build apps with Android Studio

This tool makes creating quality, performant apps and games for every type of Android device fast and enjoyable.

Create immersive virtual reality

Build virtual reality experiences for Daydream-enabled smartphones or Google Cardboard using the Google VR SDK.

Design your app to drive conversions

Design tips, based on comprehensive Google user research, to ensure your app drives engagement and conversions.

Understand Google Play's policies and test for quality

Understand the Play Store policies

Follow these policies to create an app that contributes to the trust that Android users have in Google Play and its apps.

Test against the quality guidelines

Android devices blogeffective curriculum ideas for beginnersDevices

Use predefined test criteria to confirm that your apps implement the key features and functionality that users expect.


Target API level

Targeting a recent API level allows your app to take advantage of the platform's latest features.

Android vitals

Improve your app's performance and stability to improve user happiness and your ratings & reviews.

Test on popular devices

Reduce the risk of significant issues being discovered after your app’s release and adversely affecting its ratings.

Design for future translation

Prepare your app for use around the world by designing it to simplify the addition of translations and local formatting standards.

Build for the next billion

Appreciate the challenges faced by many mobile users around the world and build your app to minimize or overcome them.

Use the right tools and infrastructure to build and scale

Build better apps with Firebase

Develop a high-quality app quickly, grow an engaged user base, and earn more money using Google’s unified app platform.

Gain insights with Google Analytics for Firebase

Measure user attribution and in-app activity—such as screen views, events, in-app purchases, conversions, and more—with free, unlimited reporting.

Scale with Google Cloud Platform

Tap into a worldwide network of managed services dedicated to offering high levels of uptime and optimized local network performance.

Sign users in with Firebase Authentication

Android devices blogeffective curriculum ideas for beginners

Make it easy for users to get into your apps quickly and securely using services they know and trust.

Save passwords with Smart Lock

Capture sign-in details for your app so users can sign in on any of their devices without having to re-enter their password.

Power up with Google Play games services

Android Devices Blogeffective Curriculum Ideas 4th Grade

Establish a deep connection with your players with seamless zero-click sign-in, friends, cloud save, achievements, leaderboards, and more.

Request runtime permissions appropriately

Get permission requests approved by ensuring your users are well informed and make requests at the right time.

Android Devices Blogeffective Curriculum Ideas

Android Devices Blogeffective Curriculum Ideas For Beginners

Improve your app with in-app A/B testing

Android Devices Blogeffective Curriculum Ideas Preschool

Find the most beneficial features or content changes by testing these changes on a sample of your users before releasing to everyone.