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Activitiesmr. regan


Ms. Beiden

Advanced Math 8 & Math 1

M. Bertolet

Math 8 & Math 1

Mr. Cabezut

Math 7 Strategies & Math7

Math 3 / Advanced Math /

Honors Math 3 /


Advanced Math 7 & Advanced Math 8


Math 8

Math 2 & Math 3

Mr. Flores

[email protected]

Math 1 Tutorial & Math 1

Mr. Kaiser

Math 2

Mr. Kunz

Math 3 Foundations & Math 3

Mrs. Lauchland

[email protected]

Math 1

Foundations of Math 2 & STATS

Math 2

Mr. Mclendon

Transitions & Coding

Math 1

Ms. Morris

Math 3 & Stats


Math 7 & Advanced Math 7


AP Stats

Mr. Parker

Math 7 & Math 8

Math 7


Math 2 & Honors Math 2

Miss Rodarte

Math 8 Strategies & Math 8


Math 8 & Math 1

Math 3 / Honors Math 3 / AMA


Honors Math 3 / AP Calculus AB /

AP Calculus AB


Honors Math 2 & Advanced Math

Math 7

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Activitiesmr. Regan's Educational Websites

Activitiesmr. regan

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  1. Regan movement is a NYC wellness and movement studio in Chelsea, NY using pilates, gyrotonic, yoga, gyrokinesis, breath work and biomechanics to create length and stability, correct poor posture from modern life, retrain muscle patterns and build strength through mindful movement.
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