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Coworkers. They can help you, give you gifts, or take you to lunch.

If you are working a full-time job away from home, you may be spending more time with your coworkers than your family. Take a few moments to let them know they are appreciated with a thank you note.

There are general examples below for when they help you or do something nice. Then there are sections for wedding and baby gifts that come from coworkers.

If you are thanking one coworker I recommend a handwritten note. Most people love to display them on their desks! If you are thanking a group of co-workers, I recommend sending one email to the entire group.

A Note To Colleaguesthoughtfull English Dictionary

Another way to thank them is to let the boss know what they did for you!

If you are leaving your job, check out the examples to thank your coworkers here.

Coworker Example Thank you notes:

Thank you for covering my work while I was out. I was glad to be able to turn over [project name] to you without having to worry about it. I see you did an excellent job handling the details. The client is pleased!

I appreciate your help with figuring out the problem with my logic in the custom programming. I was stumped and your solution was perfect. I am thankful that I can rely on you as a resource.

Thank you for taking me to lunch! That was an unexpected surprise. I enjoyed visiting with you and learning more about your kids. Also, [restaurant name] is one of my favorites!

The magnet you give me is awesome. I love that it is purple and also functional. You know how I feel about clutter! The magnet is also powerful enough to hold up the TPS report.

Thanks for bringing in treats for the team every Friday! Your baked goods are delicious and I look forward to them every week. They are the best part of Friday!

I am grateful for the excellent process you guide you made for my team. You added detailed shots that should make the clear for people new to the process. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into it.

Thank you for being available whenever I need to talk through a problem. Talking with you helps us get to the solution faster. Your insights have saved me hours of time!

I am thankful that we are on the same team. Your help in explaining how the customers are set up has been beneficial. I am being confident in learning the new material because of your assistance. Thank you for being patient with all of my questions!

Thank you for explaining the aspects of your special project last week. My team should be able to adapt the process for another customer that wants something similar. Your time was well spent and will save us many hours of design time.

A Note To Colleaguesthoughtfull English Subtitles

I want to thank you for giving me a ride to pick up my car at the tire store when I had the unexpected flat tire. The tire place was not on your way home, but I am thankful I didn’t have to ask someone else. I will treat you to lunch soon!

Thank you for working with me or together

Thank you for all your hard work when we work together. I appreciate the time and effort you put into mentoring me. I learn so much about [topic] when we work together.

A Note To Colleaguesthoughtfull English Translation

A note to colleaguesthoughtfull english translation

The time you spend working with me is making a huge difference in my understanding of [topic]. Thank you so much for being a great teammate. Soon, I will be able to work independently (most of the time!).

I was so excited when I learned that we would be working together on [project name]. I was able to see your hard work in action. Your systems to speed up the work flow are great and ideas I would not have thought of alone. I am grateful for the time we have spent together. Not only we will complete the project sooner, but I can also use the skills I learned from you on my next project.


Thank you for working together as a team on the complicated customer. I am so thankful for everyone’s willingness to work hard and stay late a few nights this week. We make a great team and I’m sure [boss’s name] will be impressed.

Thank you for working with me last week. I was struggling and your help and tips helped me to meet the deadline. I am grateful to you for sharing your past experiences with me.

You are the best coworker! I just want to thank you again for working with me for the past two weeks. Your dedication to mentoring me will pay off as I am gaining confidence.

Thank you note to a coworker for wedding gifts

Thank you team, for the wedding gifts. The shower was a nice surprise. The kitchen utensils are wonderful and will be helpful once we are married and cooking our own food. We’ve been spoiled by our mothers!

The gifts you choose for us are perfect. We will enjoy [list out the gifts here]. We appreciate your generosity as we start our life together!

My husband and I thank you for the wedding money. We will use it for a dining room table set. We hope to see you all at the wedding!

Thank you for the food processor and blender set. I am excited to use them for food prep and making the dressing. It was very nice of you all to contribute towards gifts for us!

A Note To Colleaguesthoughtfull English Translator

We thank you for the wedding shower and gifts. The cake was great and we love the flannel sheets. Also, thank you to all of you for covering my work while we are on the honeymoon!

A note to colleaguesthoughtfull english subtitles

Thank you note to a coworker for baby gifts

I am excited to try out cloth diapers when the baby comes. I had no idea there were so many different brands. Thank you for providing a wide selection. I will try them all to see which ones baby and I like best.

Thank you for the Pack and Play. This will be wonderful to have when we visit family. I’m happy to work on such a generous team! The little toys are cute too!

The outfits for the twins are adorable! I love the colors and that you found cute stuff for boy/girl twins. Thank you so much!

Thank you for the baby gifts. The toys are interactive which seems like a good thing these days. Thank you for your support as my husband and I begin a new chapter in life with our first baby!

A note to colleaguesthoughtfull english translator

Wow! Thanks for the stroller. I plan to walk every day once the baby comes. Is that realistic? We can have baby chats once I return to work! Thanks again!

Thank you for the cute cat-themed clothes for [Baby Name]. I hope she grows up to like cats as much as we do. I appreciate the diapers too!

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