5 Simple Marketing Tips To Boost Business In 2018

Posted By admin On 29/12/21

What we know for sure is, no new business will get off the ground without a structured and robust marketing plan, and the five tips in this article will help ensure your business starts off on the right foot. No one should approach a new business thinking it will be a comfortable ride. Marketing 10 Simple Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Marketing doesn't have to be hard or expensive. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective. Think of your business as your baby, and just like a kid your business will go through growth, changes and will require a lot of investment, some of which you would appreciate and others you won’t. And, if you are looking for such effective marketing ideas that can help you boost your business, check out the following Infographic.

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In order to boost your business growth, you have to market yourself — a lot. And that requires creating a marketing plan for retaining your existing clients and gaining new ones.

Here’s the important part: your “retain and gain” strategy needs to be easy to implement and simple to maintain.

So, here are some quick marketing tips to put into action now to help you grow your insurance business.


Retain existing clients for predictable income

Picture your favorite client — the one who gave you a great review. She was super happy with your service and her plan. Now, imagine how she might talk about you to her adult children, golf friends or coffee-morning group.

It’s gushing and positive, right? The key is to keep it that way. One surefire approach to taking care of your existing clients is with a personalized outreach. The end result: they will become your biggest fans and, of course, send new clients your way. So…

Nurture your way to success

You’ve already done the heavy lifting to earn your clients’ business and trust.

Retain your existing clients by reaching out to them in a meaningful way. (Not sure where to start? Think about what you’d like from an agent creating your plan).

5 simple marketing tips to boost business in 2018 business

For example, after you update a client’s Medicare Advantage Plan, send them a personalizednote, thanking them for their business.

5 simple marketing tips to boost business in 2018 pdf

Other ways to connect with your business book of clients include:

  • Sending a birthday card
  • Mailing a quarterly “health tips” postcard
  • Emailing an important Medicare update

For the greatest impact, include special touches such as addressing them by name or, where possible, working in a comment specific to them (e.g. ask about their pet or the trip they took).

5 Simple Marketing Tips To Boost Business In 2018

Be the insurance agent your clients remember

When you work with your clients, you get to know them.

What can you do to delight the client you signed up for Medicare Part D? Could you share a link to an interesting article or let them know about a health-related event they might enjoy?

They will remember that you took the time to help them. Imagine how they’ll respond to hearing from you. What will they feel? Get creative, customize your email, call or note and…be authentic.

Whatever your outreach plan to existing clients includes, keep it simple and check the results (what worked and what do you need to adjust?)

Gain new clients to boost your business growth

Growing your business is a lot like a waterfall. The constant flow of fresh water keeps the pond full and flourishing with life. In the same way, a constant flow of new clients keeps your book of business growing and healthy.

But it’s easy to get caught up running your business — especially during the busy AEP season: meeting with clients, working to get them the best policy, finalizing their plan, and ensuring they’re happy (phew).

Before you know it, your marketing plan gets delayed…another week But, you HAVE to keep marketing yourself, even during your busiest times. After all, you don’t want to lose the momentum of your growing client book.

The good news: your prospecting plan doesn’t have to be complicated. Carve out some time in your schedule (maybe a couple of hours one morning a week or 30 minutes at the end of the each day). Choose what works for your schedule — long term. For example…

Show up in all the right places

    • Get active on social media (research the platform where they hang out…is it Facebook?) — be helpful and friendly in your posts and interactions.
    • Run ads in the local community newspaper or write a guest post with helpful tips.
    • Attend a community event as a guest speaker and put together a fun, interactive presentation.

Remember, “the sale is in the follow up”

Lean on your CRM software to help you keep track of where your leads are in their buying journey. Plan to follow up with them at intervals in that journey. In fact, here’s a link with loads of templates for planning your follow-up strategy.

Get ready to increase your income…

You’ve got your marketing plan ready. Everything’s organized in your CRM and calendar. And you’ve mapped out a manageable strategy for personalizing interactions. You’re showing up often and staying in touch. Keep at it, and you’ll get the results you need to grow a successful insurance business.

5 Simple Marketing Tips To Boost Business In 2018 Pdf

Do you have questions about retaining and gaining clients and growing your business? We’re here to help. Get in touch